Viewpoints of Madeira – Belvederes of Funchal

Viewpoints of Madeira – Belvederes of Funchal

Miradouro is viewpoint in Portuguese and Madeira has plenty of them.  The capital city of Funchal alone is home to many nice viewpoints.  Let’s explore some of Funchal’s belvederes with you.

Miradouro da Nazaré

Set at an altitude of 164 meters above the Atlantic, this Miradouro is west of the city center.  The views reach far over the entire capital city amphitheater.  We recommend a visit during sunrise to make the most beautiful picture and benefit from the kiss of the sun.

Miradouro de Nazaré Funchal Madeira

Address: R. dos Estados Unidos da América 46

Miradouro do Pico dos Barcelos

This belvedere dating from 1950 proudly sits at 355 meters about the ocean and belongs to the Freguesia of Santo Antonio.  From up here, the entire bay of Funchal lays at your feet.  If you look further ahead, you can even see the Desertas (Ilhas Desertas) in the background.  Do walk all the way around and take in the 360-degree view.  This miradouro is one of the most emblematic ones in Funchal.  Many locals stop there for their wedding, christening and graduation pictures.  There is a parking and a playground area.

Miradouro do Pico dos Barcelos

Address: Estrada Comandante Camacho de Freitas, Funchal, Freguesia de Santo António

Miradouro da Quinta Vigia

Feel like majesty and stroll along the Miradouro da Quinta Vigia in style.  Soak up ancient flair as you overlook Funchal.  The Quinta Vigia is now the official residence of the of President of the Regional Government.  However, in times past, European royals resided at the Quinta.  The actual name of the viewpoint is Miradouro de Dona Guiomar but most everyone calls it Miradouro da Quinta Vigia.  There is an entrance fee of 1EUR if you want to visit the beautiful gardens and the viewpoint.  Do venture up the little hill once you near roundabout before the CR Museum.

Miradouro da Quinta Vigia Funchal Madeira

Address: Avenida do Infante 1

Miradouro do Pinaculo

The beautiful view from this Miradouro (elevation 283 meters) often ornates brochures about Funchal.  Hence you may have seen it already on paper.  The view looks at Funchal from the east unlike the previous belvederes.  After Funchal far away in the distance, you can see Cabo Girao.  If you look the other way, you can admire the Ilhas Desertas. The gazebo like structure if most beautiful during the blooming of the pink bougainvillea.  It may be a perfect backdrop for a romantic outing… close to the city.

Address: Rua Conde Carvalhal

Miradouro do Pico Alto

This viewpoint sits in the mountainous area behind and above Funchal about 12 kilometers away for the city center.  More specifically, it sits between the parish of Monte and Poiso.  Located at an altitude of 1,129 meters, in the middle of Funchal’s Ecological Park, the Pico Alto Viewpoint allows visitors to enjoy the view of Chão da Lagoa and Funchal bay.

Miradouro da Fortaleza do Pico

This viewpoint is one of the lowest ones but the views over Funchal are truly stupendous. Follow this link for more information about this viewpoint.

Fortaleza do Pico, Funchal

Map of Funchal Belvederes

Other Viewpoints on Madeira

The miradouros situated on the North Coast are right HERE. And this link leads you to the miradouros on the South Coast -> HERE.

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