Viewpoints of Madeira – South Coast Municipalities

Viewpoints of Madeira – South Coast Municipalities

Madeira’s South Coast Miradouros

Madeira’s Viewpoints or Miradouros.  Rare are those travel destinations with so many wonderful observation posts. Madeira can be proud as it boosts many wonderful lookout points.  Here are some of the most beautiful viewpoints of Madeira – South Coast. We wrote earlier about those located on the North Coast here.

Municipality of Calheta

Miradouro do Farol da Ponta do Pargo

First on our Southern tour and situated at the western most point of the island stands the Miradouro do Farol da Ponta do Pargo.  In English, this miradouro is known as the Ponta do Pargo Lighthouse.  This is the perfect place to witness a beautiful sunset.

Farol-Ponta-do-Pargo-Madeira Viewpoint Miradouro

Miradouro da Raposeira

Driving direction Funchal, you will pass the Miradouro da Raposeira in the parish of Faja da Ovelha.  From there you are a gorgeous view over Paul do Mar laying below as well as Prazeres, Jardim do Mar and parts of Faja da Ovelha.

Miradouro Raposeira Madeira Viewpoint Portugal

Municipality of Ponta do Sol

Miradouro do Cais da Ponta do Sol

This miradouro is not as high up in altitude as most others.  From here though, you have a nice view on the village of Ponta do Sol and of the ocean.


Miradouro da Bica da Cana

Miradouro Bica de Cana Madeira Portugal.jpg

This miradouro is in Canhas.  From its 1560 meters high, when clouds are not in the way, you can admire nice views onto the valley of Sao Vicente.

Miradouro Bica de Cana Madeira Portugal.jpg

Municipality of Ribeira Brava

Miradouro da Encumeada.

This miradouro which sits of the border between the municipalities of Sao Vicente and Ribeira Brava is in Serra d’Agua.  From its 1007 meters, you can admire of stupendous view of Madeira’s majestic mountain range and the valley “cutting” Madeira from South to North. This parish hides amidst the high mountains and is also famous for its Poncha bars.

Miradouro da Encumeada Madeira Ribeira Brava Sao Vicente Madeira

Miradouro de São Sebastião

This miradouro offers nice views onto Ribeira Brava and the coast to the East and to the West. 

Miradouro de São Sebastião Ribeira Brava Madeira

Munipality of Camara de Lobos

Miradouro Cabo Girão

Miradouro Cabo Girão Madeira Portugal

The miradouro de Cabo Girão is Madeira’s most famous miradouro and Europe’s highest vertical cliff.  A glass platform offers some thrills and vertiginous views.  It offers grand views onto Fajã do Rancho, Camaro do Lobos and Funchal.  Beware, since this is a major attraction, it might be crowded.

Miradouro Cabo Girão Madeira Portugal

Miradouro Eira do Serrado

Eira do Serrado offers great views on Curral das Freiras. If you plan on visiting Curral das Freiras, then do not miss this miradouro. You will like the views.

Miradouro Eira do Serrado Curral das Freiras Madeira

Municipality of Santa Cruz

Miradouro Cristo Rei

Located in Garajau, this viewpoint is known mostly for the majestic “Cristo Rei” statue.  The views take you Funchal over the Atlantic Ocean to the natural reserve of Garajau just below.  There is a cable car which take you to the beach and the Natural Reserve.

Cristo Rei Garajau Madeira, Portugal

Municipality of Machico

Miradouro do Pico do Facho

The Pico do Facho is famous for the festivities from which it got its name: O Fachos da Machico. The view over Machico is nice.

Miradouro da Ponta do Rosto

Located in Caniçal, this miradouro is al very famous.  It belongs to the Peninsula de São Lourenço.  The pictures taken there are often seen on promotional material.  Views reach from the north coast to the south coast all the way to Porto Santo.

Where are these viewpoints of Madeira – South Coast?

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