Madeira’s most romantic hotels

Madeira’s most romantic hotels

At Ocean Retreat we know something about both Madeira’s hotels as well as hotel rating systems. So we want to share our findings.  For those couples wanting to travel, we decided to rank Madeira’s most romantic hotels in this post.  The hotels on this list are mostly smaller scale, more intimate, and more luxurious than your average on Madeira.  We also show real user reviews from  These ratings are only from real customers after their stay, so there really is no bias as in most other rating systems.

Hotel Name
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Standard (2p) price per night low/high What to find in this hotel
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1. Belmond Reid’s Palace – Funchal 300/400€ Classic Elegance, Luxury and Refinement, British classical style, Sea access
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2. Castanheiro Boutique Hotel – Funchal 130/150€ Charming, central location, wellness

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3. Casa Velha do Palheiro – Sao Goncalo 200€ Access to Palheiro Gardens and Golf course

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4. Quinta da Casa Branca – Funchal 200€ Tropical gardens, Health club, Spa, Restaurants

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5. Estalagem Ponta do Sol – Ponta do Sol 115€ Sunniest location of Madeira, perched on a cliff, close to beach

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6. Galomar – Canico 100€ Perched on cliffs, access to the sea

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7. Quinta do Furao – Santana 160€ Beautiful lookout on the North Coast

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8.Estalagem do Vale – Sao Vicente 80€ 18th-century manor house in the Sao Vicente valley

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9. Se Boutique Hotel – Funchal 125€ Nice small scale hotel in the old Funchal centre

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10. Quinta Jardins do Lago – Funchal 250€ 18th century mansion, botanical gardens in the hills near Funchal

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