Viewpoints of Madeira – North Coast Municipalities

Viewpoints of Madeira – North Coast Municipalities

Madeira’s North Coast Miradouros

Madeira’s Viewpoints or Miradouros. Madeira is an island made to be discovered by car or road tripping.  The island is not so big that you have to change vacation accommodation to discover it.  As a result, you can stay in a central point and roam around.  Nowadays, the North Coast is liked to the rest of Madeira by tunnels.  In other words, the North Coast can be the perfect place to stay for all those who want to discover the true Madeira without being far away from it all.

We will therefore start by exploring the various Miradouros or viewpoints on the North Coast of Madeira.

Municipality of Santana

Miradouro dos Balcões

The Viewpoint of the Balcões is at the end of the Vereda (or path) dos Balcões. This vereda starts at Ribeiro Frio and follows the Levada da Serra do Faial. It is an easy path.
Hence, from this belvedere, you can appreciate the magnificent views over the valley of “Ribeira da Metade”.  You can also see the Central Mountain Range of the Island, with the two high peaks: firstly Pico do Arieiro and secondly Pico Ruivo, as well as Penha D’Águia. 

Fortim do Faial

The Belvedere of the Fortress of Faial – Fortim do Faial, built in the 18th century, has since 1996 been a Monument of Local Value.  That is to say, it is a scenic belvedere with fantastic views over the Faial parish, Ponta de São Lourenço and Ponta dos Cléridos.

Rocha do Navio

The Miradouro da Rocha do Navio, in Santana, offers a fantastic view of the Ocean, the Widow Island or Ilha de Viuva and its surroundings. Furthermore, it gives access to the Rocha do Navio Natural Reserve by cable car. The name Ship’s Rock is due to the Dutch shipwreck that took place there in the 19th century.

Miradouro das Cabanas

Miradouro das Cabanas, lets us admire the excellent view on Arco do São Jorge, the little islands in front of Boaventura, Ponta Delgada a little further all the way to Porto Moniz.  On clear days, one can see even the neighboring island of Porto Santo when looking the other way.

Municipality of Sâo Vicente

Sâo Cristovâo Viewpoint

This viewpoint lets you admire the Caminho da Entrosa, the two small Boaventura islets – Ilheu Preto and Ilheu Vermelho as well as the full strength of the Atlantic Ocean. This is also the view which guests from MadeiraCasa can admire.

Miradouro da Antenna

From this miradouro you can appreciate the gorgeous views of the tongue of land called Ponta Delgada as well as the North Coast towards Porto Moniz. 

If you like this view, you will love Madeira Casa

Miradouro Bom Jesus

The miradourocalled “Rocha do Senhor do Bom Jesus” or *Rock the Lord Jesus” viewpoint is at the junction between Boaventura and Ponta Delgada. It offers great views onto Ponta Delgada and its public swimming pool to the left. Furthermore, it offers great views of the famous Boaventura Rock and the Cominha da Emtrosabathing complex on the left and to our right to Boaventure. Interstingly, on days with best visibility, it is possible to see the island of Porto Santo.


Ponta Delgada is known for being the warmest spot on the North Coast.  This miradouro lets you admire the beauty of the Madeira high mountains falling into the Atlantic Ocean. The holiday home, Casa do Miradouro, received its name from this particular Miradouro.

If you like this view, you will love Casa do Miradouro

Viewpoint of Chão dos Louros

This miradouro invites you to discover the green valley of Sào Vicente.  Here you have beautiful views on the Laurislva Forest. An official walking path, namely vereda 22, takes you there if you don’t want to take the car.

Municipality of Porto Moniz

Eira da Achada Viewpoint

This Miradouro offers splendid views of the North Coast of Madeira.  It sits above Ribeira da Janela, a parish famous for its rock (with a window) siting in the Ocean.

Miradouro da Santa

Porto Moniz is another highlight of Madeira’s North Coast.  It is famous for its natural lava pools.  From this viewpoint, you can admire Porto Moniz and its Mole Islet as they both lay in front of you basically at your feet.

Miradouro Achadas da Cruz

The Achadas da Cruz Viewpoint, with a cable car that connects this point to the beach, provides an excellent view of the Atlantic Ocean and Achadas da Cruz slope.

Where are these Miradouros?

The South Coast Miradouros are right this way!

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