A rainy day on Madeira: things to do

A rainy day on Madeira: things to do

Maybe Rain on Madeira?

Finally on holidays on Madeira and waking up to a rainy day? Madeira is known for its year around good climate, but it does rain as well. Due to the many micro-climates, it may not rain everywhere on Madeira, so do check the webcams for dry or sunny weather. Nevertheless here is a list of activities when it is raining.

“Anyone who says sunshine brings happiness has never danced in the rain.” – Author Unknown

Visit a museum

There are many different types of museums in Funchal and around Madeira.  Here is a small selection:

  • Sacred Art Museum – Funchal
  • Cristiano Ronaldo Museum – Funchal
  • Santa Clara Monastery – Funchal
  • Universo de Memórias João Carlos Abreu – across from the monastery – here, we particularly like the little eaterie and its tea house.
  • Design Center Nini Andrade Silva (also a great place to eat) – Funchal
  • Whale Museum – Canical
  • Engenho do Norte (rum making factory) in Porto da Cruz
  • Mudas Contemporary Art Museum in Calheta – museum with stunning architecture
  • Aquarium in Porto Moniz
  • Visit the Caves of Sao Vicente and its volcanism center

CR7 Museum
CR7 Museum

Go to a cultural event


Madeira Massage
Madeira Massage

Rainproof sports activities

Madeira Scuba Diving
Madeira Scuba Diving


  • Maybe you could also escape with a good book. Some books even have Madeira as scenery.
    • Here are a few examples in English:
      • Distant Music by Lee Langley
      • Black Kestrel: A Story of Madeira byDon Silva
      • Breath of Suspicion by Elizabeth Ferrars
      • Bride of Zarco by Margaret Rome
      • The complete list of books
    • Here are a few examples in German:
      • Das Haus auf der Blumeninse von Christiane Lind
      • Das Lied der Sturmvögel von Anna Levin
      • Mord auf der Levada : Ein Madeirakrimi von Joyce Summer
      • Madeira Grab : Comissario Avila ermittelt von Joyce Summer
      • And many more


A rainy day is a special gift to readers...