World’s Leading Island Destination 2020: Madeira

World’s Leading Island Destination 2020: Madeira

World Travel Awards 2020

Madeira Islands won the World’s Leading Island Destination for the sixth consecutive time in 2020 during the World Travel Awards.  Popular votes determine the recipients of these famous WTA awards.  Madeira’s ultimate recognition was announced during a virtual ceremony.

The WTA established in 1993. acknowledges, rewards and celebrates excellence across all sectors of the tourism industry. Today, the WTA brand is recognized globally as the ultimate hallmark of quality, Hence, winners tend to set the benchmark to which all others aspire.

Each year, WTA covers the globe with a series of regional gala ceremonies staged to recognise and celebrate individual and collective success within each key geographical region.


The Archipelago of the Madeira includes the Islands of Madeira, Porto Santo, the Desertas and the Savage Islands. There are many activities available to visitors on the Madeira: Levada or Vereda Walking around stunning landscape, dense Laurisilva Forests, jaw-dropping volcanic cliffs falling in the North Atlantic Ocean, canyoning or coastering, whale and dolphin watching, playing golf at one of three famous courses, relaxing in on a beach, enjoying waterfalls and swimming in lava pools and so much more.

Madeira Awards at the ‘World Travel Awards’:

World’s Leading Island Destination: 2020 – 2019 – 2018 – 2017 – 2016 – 2015

Europe’s Leading Island Destination: 2020 – 2019 – 2018 – 2017 – 2016 – 2014 – 2013


Future Awards?

Madeira Archipelago could maybe gear their focus and attention to winning responsible tourism awards in the future.  That would allow generations to come the same if not better enjoyment of their land, culture, patrimonial heritage.  In places so dependent on tourism, it is mandatory to reduce the negative impacts of tourism while at the same time increase the positive ones.

Let’s do more to pursue a tourism that is good, fair, ecological and responsible for the communities as well as the natural and cultural environments.  Hence, let’s make Madeira a better place to live in and to visit.

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