Feliz Natal – Christmas Wishes from Madeira

Feliz Natal – Christmas Wishes from Madeira

Feliz natal a todos! Merry Christmas, everyone!

May the melody and spirit of the holiday season fill your home with love and peace.

A Portuguese Christmas on Madeira

Feliz Natal
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however, on the other hand, certainly, as a result, so

The Holiday Season is an important festive moment all over the world. This is particularly true for Portuguese and Madeiran families.  Consequently, towns, villages, private homes, and gardens are all decorated with lights.  As previously highlighted, the light displays on Madeira Island are really fabulous and well worth a visit.  In addition, nativity scenes, Presépios in Portuguese, find their place in each living room and parish. Therefore, lets explore Christmas traditions together.

Handy Christmas Portuguese

Have you ever wondered how to wish Merry Christmas in Portuguese? You have, right. Hence, here is a little handy guide.

Feliz NatalMerry Christmas
Boas festasHappy Holidays
Arvore de NatalChristmas tree
EstrelaChristmas star on top of the tree
Decoração (decorações)Decoration
Bola – FitaBall – Ribbon
LuzesLights (in the streets)
Músicas de NatalChristmas music
PresentePresent – gift
Papel de embrulhoWrapping paper
Pai NatalSanta Claus – Father Christmas
Jantar de NatalChristmas Dinner 
 A Véspera do Natal Chrsitmas Eve

In short above is a small video to train your ear and help you with pronunciation.

Christmas Music – Holiday Spirit

Maybe this year more than others, we were grateful for the Christmas atmosphere. For example, the music and songs resonating in shops, in cities and on the radio help us get in the mood. Christmas music gets us all in the holiday spirit unless we claim family ties with the Grinch 😊

This is certainly one of the most famous Portuguese Christmas songs.

Christmas Carol – O menino esta dormindo

In addition, below are more swingy Portuguese Christmas songs to ignite that Christmas cheer!

Jose Malhoa – Un pedido de Natal
Fernando Farinha – é Natal
Anjos e Susana – Neste Noite Branca
Magia do Natal

Lastly, this one is a famous Brazilan Christmas Song.

Christmas Eve

There is usually a multigenerational Christmas dinner.  Typical dishes such as Porco Vinha d’Alhos, are washed down with the best Portuguese wines.

After dinner, family members exchange gifts while sipping a special Madeira wine or fruit liqueur.

The “Missa de Galo” is the traditional midnight mass on Christmas Eve.  In English it is called Rooster’s Mass.  To clarify, the Missa de Galo commemorates the legendary rooster. Yes the rooseter who crowed loudly to announce the birth of Jesus. 

Christmas Eve Madeira Portugal
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