Heavenly walk: the Caminho do Entrosa

Heavenly walk: the Caminho do Entrosa

The Entrosa, the walk and the path

Do not miss this heavenly walk. Although there are numerous cliffs on the island, there is a particular one in between the villages of Boaventura and Arco de São Jorge, which draws the attention to all lovers of hiking and nature, better known by the name of Entrosa.  What makes it special is an old stone walkway linking the two villages, and winding past the impressive cliffs between the Sites of Sao Cristovao at Boaventura and the Sitio de Enseada at Arco de Sao Jorge.  The path was part of an ancient walkway that connected the whole island by the coast, so its preservation is a way to honor all of those who suffered to develop Madeira.

What to expect from the walk

The 2 km  walk on a well preserved path features rich Madeiran flora and spectacular views of the whole coast.  If you choose to start at Boaventura, you will face a steep rising slope . If on the other hand you prefer to start at Arco de Sao Jorge you will hit the descent.  Emotion guaranteed.

At the restaurant Arco is the start of this pleasant hike. You will notice a rich Madeiran flora, as well as spectacular views of the island with the entire coastline between Ponta Delgada and Porto Moniz. The first part ends in a natural viewpoint, 380 meters above sea level. After there is a steep descent down the steps. After the steep descent you will cross a small stone bridge over the Ribeiro do Porco. The last stage is a climb. The first part is on a stone path that ends next to a fountain in the site of São Cristóvão, and then up the road until you find a staircase that ends at the churchyard in honor of Santa Quitéria.

The Roseiral of Arco de Sao Jorge

While you are near the starting point at Arco de Sao Jorge, you may also want to visit the Roseiral or Rose Garden – Rose Exhibition Area. The Roseiral offers a unique heritage, with the largest collection of rose bushes in Portugal, an experience of beauty, color and perfume. In the gardens of Quinta do Arco there are hundreds of species, many of which are representative of the flora of Madeira.
The area also contains many indigenous plants, avocado trees, banana trees, guava trees, pomegranates, fig trees, pear trees, orange trees and mandarins.

How to get there

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