Hiking Nirvana: the official Madeira List of Walks

Hiking Nirvana: the official Madeira List of Walks

Hiking on Madeira

Madeira is a fantastic destination for hiking lovers.  In fact, that is because Madeira has a huge network of levadas covering large parts of the island. Notably, a levada is a small water channel, typically in concrete. Now there are two interesting rules about levadas (or any aquaduct).  One is that the inclination of its path is barely noticeable. The other is that it requires a footpath alongside to allow for maintenance.   As a result, now combine the characteristics of hundreds of levadas with the geography of Madeira.  You start to understand the tremendous opportunity to explore the guts of this volcanic island…with astonishing ease.


For those who prefer to exercise, choose a ‘vereda’ or a ‘caminho’ (footpath) instead.  Generally speaking, if it is not a levada, than by definition it will tend to be more strenuous…
Surely, you might pass by locations with vertigo and tunnels. Therefore study your walking route before the start.  If you want to find out about nature, walk with a guide.  Madeira has many qualified walking guides, and basically any language is available.

Interactive map

Open up the map, maximize it, and select an official levada walk. In the description you can open up the link to a detailed (colorful and printable) walk information page.