Special experiences on Madeira

Special experiences on Madeira

Special happenings on Madeira

Special experiences on Madeira are plentiful. Madeira island prides itself as being an active holiday destination.  The Portuguese outpost shed it’s rusty and old-fashioned image many years ago.  A visitor can choose between a varied panel of activities.  Some of them however are special and somewhat secret.

Private Meeting with the sun as it rises

You may want to sleep in while on holiday, however you should not miss this early wake up!

Wake up early and drive up to a strategic lookout. As you settle in your front row seat and prepare your camera, the sun peeks over the horizon to greet you.  As it does, you will witness how the red and orange-colored dawn illuminates the sky, the sea, and the clouds.   

Madeira Island Portugal Sunrise tours

Some providers even prepare breakfast while you admire the sunrise.  You can book this type of special experience with these three companies for example:

Exclusive Set of Wheels

With so much to discover, the best way to go around the island is by car.  Now you obviously can drive around in your rental car, or in a tourist bus but… why not indulge yourself … and drive or be driven around in a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow from 1988 or a Mercedes coupé for example.  You can rent a luxury oldtimer for a few hours or for a day (or more).  Let’s make your four wheeled dream come true with charm and elegance.   

Luxury antique car rental Madeira Island

Should that interest you, please contact Madeira Garage for more information.  Madeira Exclusive can also help you.

Private Luxury Yacht

Enjoy a stay or more onboard a private boat or yacht and discover Madeira Island from the sea.  This is a truly special experience!  Choose whether you would like to cruise along the coast to the west or the east.  You will probably get to see the fabulous sea mammals such as various species of dolphins and whales.  If you are lucky, you might even admire sea turtles and monk seals.

Renr ot charter a private yacht on Madeira Island Portugal

Simply write to the following providers for more information and prices.

Ocean Retreat