Bulk food at Amora Ginja in Ribeira Brava.

Bulk food at Amora Ginja in Ribeira Brava.

Bulk dried fruits and so much more at Amora Ginja in Ribeira Brava.

Amora Ginja is a shop in Ribeira Brava.  It is a fruit shop that sells a little bit of everything from nuts, dried fruits, vegetables, fresh fruits, to food for animals, plants and so much more.  You can find many such shops on Madeira.  The interesting part about “Amora Ginjas” is the bulk concept. Moreover, the store concept is pleasing to the eye.

Amora Ginjas Ribeira Brava Madeira Bulk Food Store

Bulk Concept

Bulk, in addition to reducing food waste, can contribute to preventing the generation of waste.  Furthermore, bulk purchases allow consumers to choose the amount of product they need, refusing packaging and often reusing their own containers. And if the food available in bulk is of organic origin, the store and its clients also support an agriculture without the use of synthetic pesticides.  In turn they help to protect the richness of the soil and the biodiversity.

Amora Ginja Bulk Madeira

Fun purchase

The fun noise of rice, lentils or nuts bouncing from the jar to your bag fills the store.  Customers hesitate between many different combinations of dried fruits and nuts.  All are tempting!  Chocolate covered raisins are hard to resist for those visiting the store with children.  Not sure which flour would taste best for the Sunday cake? You can purchase small quantities of various organic flours for example and try them at home.   There is no need to buy one kilo of each and have the unused portion clutter your pantry.  The store also sells many different spices.

The many colors and smells are a pleasure for our senses.


Unfortunately, Amora Ginjas also sells junk food such as candy bars and sodas for example.  The other regrettable point is that prices are generally quite high.

Location of Amora Ginja

The bulk store Amora Ginja is in the Mercado Municipal of Ribeira Brava. Take advantage of your stop in Ribeira Brava to stroll along the Ocean on the new Marginal.

Do you wan to learn more about how you can prevent food waste: Too Good To Go (for Portugal) or OLIO (in English)

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