Plogging – a new eco-friendly fitness trend

Plogging – a new eco-friendly fitness trend

Plogging, a new workout trend, now also on Madeira. 

Plogging on Madeira? Have you ever run or walked through the woods, along a trail or levada path?  Sure, you have.  More often than not, you probably noticed litter scattered in the beautiful scenery.  Examples are: an empty bottle, an biscuit package, a smashed up and rusty Coke can, a candy wrapper, cigarette butts every few meters.   This is a disaster for the environment, and it is highly unpleasant for the eyes.  Worst case scenario, an animal injures itself or gets trapped in the plastic six pack ring for example.

Plogging – what is it?

Plogging is a mashup of jogging and the Swedish word combination of “plocka upp”, meaning pick up.  In this particular case the people practicing plogging, plick up litter, rubbish or garbage depending on where you come from.

Plogging or plalking – a new trendy exercise

This workout trend rises in popularity.  Plogging groups form in many cities or regions in Europe and the world.   Ploggers connect with nature while cleaning it and get their exercise.  According to a health app, Lifesun,  ploggers burn more calories than normal walkers or joggers as they bend and stretch etc along the way to collect the garbage.  Bending over stretches the back, buttocks, hamstrings and calves.  No need to run, you can also walk and help nature, it could be called plalking, maybe?

Every little piece of collected garbage counts, so do no feel as if your efforts are too small to make an impact.  Furthermore, being in nature, be it in the laurissilva or along the beach is positive for your overall health.

Plogging Equipment

Here is the right equipment for plogging or plalking ?-

  • A strong and sturdy garbage bag (without holes).
  • A pair of disposable gloves – to protect your hands as you do not know what you will encounter and pick up.

So now, why not always carry a trash bag and a pair of gloves and walk or jog while improving both your health and the one of the planet?

Madeira’s first plogging in Caniço

The first plogging event took place last weekend in Caniço, Madeira.  (Source) Approximately 25 participants walked 5km during 2 hours and collected rubbish.  Participants were shocked by the amount of litter they collected – See below. Hopefully many other initiates will follow.

Amount of rubbish collected in two hours in Caniço
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