Category: Madeiran foods and drinks

Here you will find the posts that relate to traditional dishes and drinks of Madeira. You’ll find one or the other recipe also.  You can try them out while staying on Madeira or back home.  Madeira’s cuisine is very much like Portuguese cuisine with a twist.  The dishes are generally simple, but rich in flavor.  There is no room  for snobism in Madeiran cuisine.  You just get the best out of the fresh ingredients.  There’s no excessive processing.

As for drinks, Madeira has its own distinct culture, which you can discover through these blogs.  Madeira wine (not to be confused with Port) is unique due to its processing.  It enjoys a reputation all over the world for its qualities.  But Madeirans have a wealth of other things to offer.  Local white and red wines, drinks and cocktails with locally produced sugarcane alcohol.  One of the blogs tells you all about the famous Poncha drink.

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