Madeira’s 7 Cable Cars – Teleféricos da Madeira

Madeira’s 7 Cable Cars – Teleféricos da Madeira

Madeira is a volcanic island with a very rough landscape and plunging cliffs. Albeit being a rather small island, it boosts a total of 7 scenic cable cars.

Two of them are well known to Madeira visitors, namely the cable car linking the city of Funchal to Monte and the one linking Monte to the botanical gardens.  The other five are much harder to find and are used for touristic purposes as well as to transport utensils and crops.  These five will also get your adrenaline going.  The scenery is definitely worth it.

Funchal – Monte Cable Car

This cable car takes you from Funchal to Monte with a climb of 560 meters.  It is a wonderful way to admire the amphitheater of Funchal and the ocean from atop.  The trip takes about 20 minutes.  Have your cameras ready … Once in Monte, you can decide to visit the Monte Palace Botanical Garden, the famous church, try out the wicker basket ride. Alternatively, you can continue to the Botanical Garden by taking the second cable car.

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Monte – Botanical Garden Cable Car

This is a convenient cable car which allows for a visit to the famous botanical garden of Madeira while stopping in Monte.  The trip takes about 9 minutes.

Botanical Garden Cable Car Madeira
Botanical Garden Cable Car Madeira

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Garajau Cable Car

The municipality of Garajau, on the south coast, is close to Funchal. Garajau is only a 10 minutes drive away.  This cable car takes you down 150 meters to Garajau beach and Garajau Nature Reserve.  Hence, this beach is an excellent place to dive or just relax really.  This is one of the best places close to Funchal to see the sunset. So, if you feel romantic, why not head to the Cristo Rei next to the departure of the cable car with your significant other?

Teleferico do Garajau, Madeira Cristo Rei

Fajâ dos Padres Cable Car in Quinta Grande

This cable car descends 300 meters to the ocean level in a sort of garden of Eden.  The owners cultivate the land with love and the farm is eco-friendly.  A restaurant awaits you for lunch at the bottom as well as a pebble beach. However, this tends to be quite crowded in the Summer time as locals and visitors alike love this place.

Cable Car Faja Dos Padres Madeira Portugal

Rancho Cable Car in Câmara de Lobos

The Rancho cable car is more recent that the others.  Mostly farmers use this cable car to transport their crops. It is close to Cabo Girao and much less crowded than Faja dos Padres. There is no restaurant in the bottom.  However, there is one next to the departure point at the top.  Furthermore, this restaurant offers fantastic views of Madeira’s coastline.

Rancho Cable Car Madeira Portugal Cano Girao

Achadas da Cruz Cable Car

This cable car is in the municipality of Porto Moniz on the north of the island.  The cable car takes you down 450 meters to a beautiful and resourcing fleck of land.  There are no amenities in the bottom, so come prepared with drink and snacks.  It is not advised to swim in the crystal-clear waters as the current can be very strong.  This is a special place.

Achadas da Cruz Cable Car Madeira Portugal beach calhau Porto Moniz

Rocha do Navio Cable Car

The cable car of Rocha do Navio is situated on the north coast of the island in the municipality of Santana. The trip down to the Nature Reserve of Rocha do Navio lasts about 5 minutes.  It is mainly used by local farmers.  However, it is also open to visitors.

Rocha Navio Cable Car Madeira Portugal

Where are the 7 Cable Cars?

Here is an interactive map.

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