The New Coastal Road or Marginal of Ribeira Brava

The New Coastal Road or Marginal of Ribeira Brava

The Marginal da Ribeira Brava is a coastal road construction which saw completion in August of 2020. This project is the result of a joint program between the Regional Government and the Municipality of Ribeira Brava.  

Marginal Works

The waterfront works, which cost around 2.9 million euros, started in September of 2018. It therefore took two years to finalize the construction work for the “Marginal da Ribeira Brava”, between Tabua and Ribeira Brava. The construction work for the Marginal da Ribeira Brava includes an extension of 1.5km with an automobile route, a bike path and a pedestrian path. To ensure safety, three security galleries were installed in areas at a higher risk of being targeted by landslides.

Source: Camara Municipal de Ribeira Brava


The Marginal da Ribeira Brava was inaugurated on August 28th at 5PM by Miguel Albuquerque. Mr Albuquerque is the current President of the Regional Government of Madeira. The Mayor also publicly shared his enthusiasm for this project on social media, thanking all those who worked on this construction project.

Marginal Ribeira Brava South Coast Promenade

New Coastal Road Advantages

The new coastal road represents many advantages for the people of Madeira. Especially for those who regularly travel in the South of the island. Indeed, the new road enables a better transit movement to the seafront. Furthermore, it is easier to drive between Tabua and Ribeira Brava. It is also a great opportunity leisure opportunity for locals and tourists alike. One can walk or bike along the coast on a promenade with a gorgeous view. This is probably the longest and flattest bicycle path on the Island.

Here is a drive-through video of the coastal road. This video will give you a feel of what it is like do drive along the coast.

For those who enjoy going for a walk but are not comfortable going on hikes on Madeira, walking along the new promenade of Ribeira Brava is a great alternative!

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