Epic viewpoint: the Chapel of Saint Fatima

Epic viewpoint: the Chapel of Saint Fatima

The Chapel of Lady Fatima

The full name of the Chapel of Lady Fatima is  Capela Torre de Nossa Senhora de Fatima in Sao Vicente.  But we will forgive you for not memorizing this.  The video below shows the small but beautiful chapel located near the village of Sao Vicente.  The chapel of Our Lady of Fatima also goes by the chapel of Pico da Cova.   It is difficult to pass through São Vicente and not to notice the tower.  After all it sits on top of a hill.  It is visible from the entire valley.

An intriguing Chapel clock

The chapel was built on the initiative of the population in 1948, as a way to celebrate the end of World War II.   In the clock tower, about fifteen meters high, there are four clocks.  There is one on each facade of the building.   But strangely, they all show different times.   Such is the destiny of a stationary clock.  It is right twice a day … was this a way to make sure it would be right eight times a day? We’ll probably never know…

Interesting example of public funding

Another interesting element of confusion is a plaque, fixed on the main façade.  It states that the building was recovered on the basis of EAGGF funding.  The EAGGF “…supports programs for rationalization, modernization and structural improvements in agriculture, farming and vocational training,  exploitation of forests, development of rural areas by providing services to the population…”  Not so clear to what extent the reconstruction of a chapel complies with the mission.  The part of the structure that would be most useful to the population (the clock) does not work.  But after all, we think the money must be well spent on this little jewel.  Any other construction in this location would be unthinkable.

The population of Sao Vicente definitely displayed a lot of taste and creativity for chapel construction.  There is another very interesting chapel, the “Chapel of the Rock” you can read more about.


How to get there

Here is a nice (and not overly strenuous) way to hike to the Capela.


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