Olga Drak, the amazing artist behind the fun murals of Madeira

Olga Drak, the amazing artist behind the fun murals of Madeira

Olga Drak

Olga Drak comes from Poland.  Throughout her life, art in its various shapes and forms always fascinated Olga.  Naturally she studied arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznan. Olga Drak obtained two master’s degrees. The first is a Master degree  in Art Education (2001).  Finally a second master’s degree in Painting was earned in 2002.
After completing her degrees, she painted using a “normal” oil-on-canvas technique.  However, she rapidly found out that bigger canvas sizes suited her expression more.  Finally, she took her art towards creating large scale painting artworks.


Olga now lives and works on Madeira Island permanently.  Thus here she is surrounded by the Ocean, the spectacular vistas and the lush vegetation.  These are an endless source of joy and inspiration.
Furthermore, Madeira added another dimension to her art.   It is on Madeira that Olga discovered mural painting and street art.  She does continue to work in her studio in a more traditional way.

Olga Drak Painting on Madeira


Since living on Madeira, Olga made engaging art ranging from vibrant murals all the way to various staircases.  She has to date created more than 30 murals all around the island.  You will discover a sample here below.  There are situated mostly on the south coast.  However, there are some on the north coast, namely at the Nature Reserve Rocha do Navio.


Olga, well known for her murals, is a wonderful mandala designer.  Interestingly, it is in that capacity that we got to know her and her work.  Her mandalas ooze with positive energy capable of turning any boring day into a great one.  Therefore, we asked her to paint a custom Mandala in Studio Nespera of Casa do Miradouro.  Another one of her Mandala hangs in MadeiraCasa.

Street Art

Interestingly, Olga participated along other local artists in various street art project.  A project decided to give a new life to Rua da Santa Maria in the old part of Funchal.  The idea was to revitalize the historic district of Funchal. That area of Funchal is also known as Zona Velha.  It is now a very colorful, lively and interesting street.  We recommend you go visit this open air gallery of doors early in the day. It tends to get very crowded starting lunch time.  Hence, it makes viewing more difficult.  However, this art project is definitely worth a visit.  Do not miss Olga’s peacock.

Below you can find a sample of her Street Art Work.

Here is a link to pictures and a video of Olga.  In fact, you can witness the entire creative process in these photos.  Olga is painted the door for the EEV Project in Machico.  View the Project: Here We hope that you will enjoy the discovery of fun and lively street art and murals as much we did!


Also, should like her work, you can contact her here.  Furthermore, Olga gladly creates custom artwork.

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