Sao Vicente – Surf, Stand Up Paddle SUP & Bodyboard

Sao Vicente – Surf, Stand Up Paddle SUP & Bodyboard

Surf, SUP & Bodyboard in São Vicente

São Vicente is known for its quaint village, for the amazing tall and white chapel sitting on a hill, its volcanic caves, the smaller chapel by the ocean, its ocean front with restaurant and shops and its great surf possibilities.

New Surf Zone

The new Surf Zone of São Vicente in the Praia dos Juncos opened this month. This brand-new infrastructure aims to ease and develop the practice of various water sports.  Praia dos Juncos is well known around the island for its excellent waves.  It is a perfect spot to practice of surfing, stand up paddle SUP and bodyboard.

Locals and tourists alike will really benefit and enjoy the new amenities. New showers and lavatories are now available for all surf and water sport lovers.  Furthermore, the Clube Naval de Sao Vicente has a storage area in these new surf facilities.  This facilitates the activities proposed by the Clube Naval.


In São Vicente, you will find peace and calmness while you practice water sports.  This place is for serious water sport aficionados.  The waves are a little smaller in the Summer than in the Winter months.  The parking is on the small side (space for 8 cars) so arrive early.

Maximum swell size: 2-3 m (6.5-10 ft)

Wind blow: onshore

Wave type: reef – rocky

Surf Forecast for Faja da Areia – Praia dos Juncos – São Vicente, Madeira

Where is this Surf Spot?

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