Bungee Jumping – new temporary activity on Madeira

Bungee Jumping – new temporary activity on Madeira

Bungee Jumping – Will you dare to take a leap of faith?

A new temporary attraction and activity opens in Calheta beach in August 2022: Bungee Jumping.  Will you take the 40 meters plunge?  This adrenaline inducing extreme activity promises to leave a profound and memorable imprint.

The experience itself is very short-lived.  However, from the nerves and the knots in the stomach before the jump to the adrenaline rush during the jump, a bungee jumping event is intense.

Where does bungee jumping come from?

It originates from the “land diving” rituals on the Pentecost Island of Vanuatu.  The land diving started as an escape.  A woman fled her husband’s abuse by climbing a very tall tree.  While above, she tied lianas to her ankles and when her husband came really close, she jumped.  Her angry husband, jumped right after her, hit the floor and died. However, thanks to the lianas, the fleeing wife did not hit the ground and was not hurt.

“Vine Jumping” is now a rite of passage to adulthood for the young men of the area.  A group of students in the United Kingdom – the Oxford Dangerous Sports Club – read about it and tested it albeit illegal at the time.  The first commercial bungee jumps took place in 1988 in New Zealand.


Be ready to jump head-first off a crane 40 meters (*) above the ground. You will be tethered to an elastic bungee cord attached at your ankles. After dropping for a short period of time, the cord recoils and you will bob up and down in the air like a yo-yo. Here is the link to Bungy Portugal‘s page.

Safety First

The fun but sometimes dangerous activity: Bungee Jumping needs preparation.  While it might not be fun to read about possible injuries before the jump, knowing about potential injuries will help you decide whether this is right for you or not.

Common injuries include, eye injuries (most common), neck and spine injuries, head injuries and the like.  When the bungee cord jerks you back, the sudden change in pressure and force exerted may cause you pain and possibly more.  When in doubt, check with your doctor. 

So “Three, two, one, fly…” or not?

(*) How high is 40 meters?  The Statue of Liberty is 40 meters high.  Two tennis court one after the other length wise are 40 meters high.  Here is a list of 40 meter high buidings just to give you an idea.

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