The Monte Palace Tropical Gardens

The Monte Palace Tropical Gardens

Who should see this?

The flora lovers won’t be disappointed when visiting Madeira island. You’ll have plenty to do with no less than 37 gardens and parks to explore and wander through. One of them, the Monte Palace Tropical Garden, displays a rich and outstanding collection of plants from all over the world.  Interestingly, it is located at the top of a hill overlooking Funchal.  It boosts very nice views of the capital city and the ocean.

What is there to see?

The Palace in the center of the Tropical Garden sits on land initially bought in the 18th century.   Wealthy families used it as a “Pleasure Estate” during the 19th century.  However, at the end of the 20th century,  the owners donated the property to entrepreneur José Manuel Rodrigues Berardo ‘s Foundation.  He then went on to install additional garden lanes, and brought plants of all origins to the garden. The Monte Palace Tropical Garden now extends over 70.000 square meters. When walking on the property, it seems that this garden is the result of a merging from countries all around the world.  Sometimes one can identify it with  Japanese-inspired gardens, but turn a corner and you will find an exhibition of Zimbabwean craftmanship.

This particular multi-level garden has something for everyone. There’s a large collection of cycads (fossils), a display of impressive African sculptures, and ponds of all sizes. There is even a mineral museum where outstanding semi-precious stones are carefully kept.

Wandering in the Monte Palace Tropical Garden will activate all five of your senses.  On the other hand it will also bring you peace and serenity. One truly feels eclipsed from the rest of the world.

Hispano-Moorish tile panels from the 15th and 16th century decorate all of the walkways.  You can contemplate them as you make your way through the garden. Fauna enthusiasts will find something to discover also, with several animals populating the park, such as ducks, swans, peacocks, chickens, and koi fish.

One can only be astounded by the Monte Palace Tropical Garden, with its colorful, exotic and rich flora.

Opening hours

Every day of the week, 9.30am to 18.00pm

How to get there

To reach the Monte Palace Tropical Garden, you can drive, jump on a bus in Funchal (bus numbers 20,21,22 or 48) or take the cable car. The cable car goes directly from Funchal to the garden’s main entrance.

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