Ryanair: 10 New Routes to Madeira FNC Airport

Ryanair: 10 New Routes to Madeira FNC Airport

Announcement of Funchal as new base

Low Cost Airline Ryanair opens 10 new routes and connects Madeira FNC to European cities. Ryanair announced the opening of a new operational base in Funchal in November 2021.  Madeira Airport (FNC) will be Ryanair’s fifth base in Portugal after Lisbon, Porto, Faro and Ponta Delgada in the Azores.  This new Portuguese base of Ryanair should start in March 2022.  The Irish airline plans on offering an additional 350000 seats per year compared to the current offer. 

Ryanair opens 10 new routes to Funchal FNC Madeira

Ryanair connects Madeira to Europe with 10 new routes

These ten new routes will provide Ryanair with more European connections than any other airline even TAP.  The low cost airline aims to position Madeira as a leading European tourism destination.

Low Cost Airline Ryanair connects Madeira FNC to Europe, Ryanair plans flights between Funchal Airport (FNC) and the following destinations in alphabetical order:

Ryanair connects Madeira to Europe with 10 new routes
  • Beauvais BVA (close to Paris), France (2x per week)
  • Bergamo BGY (close to Milan), Italy (2x per week)
  • Charleroi CLR aka Brussels South, Belgium (2x per week)
  • Dublin DUB, Ireland (2x per week)
  • Lisbon LIS, Portugal (14x per week)
  • Manchester MAN, United Kingdom (3x per week)
  • Marseille MRS, France (2x per week)
  • Nuremberg NUE, Germany (2x week)
  • Porto OPO, Portugal (7x per week)
  • Stansted STM (close to London), United Kingdom (6x per week).

Fares as low as 29.99EUR one way

If you ever booked a Ryanair flight, you probably received an email this weekend offering seats to Madeira for as low as 29.99EUR!  So did we.  The airline plans on boosting tourism to Madeira whether for one or two weeks or simply for a weekend break.

Many may be wary of flying with Ryanair

Ryanair often gets criticized by customers or the public in general.  Though things can go wrong at times, the overall experience with Ryanair can be quite pleasant.  This is particularly true because you get exactly what you pay for. 

Some Reasons why Ryanair is not as bad as you might think

  1. The number ONE reason is price.  If one reserve ahead of time, Ryanair offers good deals.  Prices tend to increase as you near the departure date.
  2. You decide which level of service you desire and pay in accordance.  The low-cost airline is a no-frills airline.  You will end up paying for extras if you want them such as a checked bag, larger carry-on bag, drinks, and snacks etc.  Do book extras beforehand.  … and do check in online as described on the airline’s site.  It will shamelessly charge you much money if you forget to check in before arriving at the airport.  
  3. When you book a low-cost flight; you won’t get first class service.  You get exactly what you pay for.  If you understand this, your travel experience will be ok.  Don’t forget that most Ryanair flights are rather short.
  4. Legroom is surprisingly OK compared to other European airlines.  Should you wish extra legroom, you can book and pay for a seat in extra legroom row.
  5. Flying with Ryanair increases your chances of arriving on time.  The airline does its utmost to get its passengers to their destination on time (or even ahead of schedule).
  6. The vast majority of Ryanair’s fleet is young.
  7. Ryanair prides itself of being Europe’s cleanest and greenest airline (according to them).  The airline successfully cut emissions per passenger recently.  Furthermore, passengers can decide to offset their emissions further.
  8. And lastly, safety is very important for Ryanair.

Investments on Madeira

Irish Ryanair invest 200 million USD in its new FNC Madeira base.  The carrier will base two 737-800 airplanes at FNC.  Furthermore, it works closely with the official tourism bureau of Madeira.  Madeira hopes to see a substantial boost in the vital tourism industry.  Moreover, the arrival of Ryanair to Madeira creates many direct and indirect jobs (expected over 500 job creations).

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